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Tender Publish Is The Most Trustworthy And Reliable Tender Supplying Firm Which Smoothly Co-Relates Between The Current Market Scenario And Growth Corresponding To The Trending Tender Details And Schemes. The Best Motivational Purpose That Roads The Customers Towards Us Is That We Give Value Added Services To Our Potential Customers And Provide Information Of All Sizes And Types Of The Tenders. We Believe In Giving The Best Services To Those Who Are Consistent In Buying Tenders And Also To Ensure The Safest + Profitable Path To The Customers.

(1) Repairing Of Expansion Joint, Repairing Of Outside Damaged Wall And Inside Corridor Painting Works In Kharagpur.

Reference No: 41330 Location: West Bengal
Estimate Amount: 882928 Due Date: 29-Dec-2016

(2) Tender For Painting Of Boundary Wall (Inside And Outside) At Mumbai.

Reference No: 41329 Location: Maharashtra
Estimate Amount: Refer Document Due Date: 24-Dec-2016

(3) Supply Of Furniture For Officers Club At Sapangini, Kullu.

Reference No: 41328 Location: Himachal Pradesh
Estimate Amount: 1896328 Due Date: 07-Jan-2017

(4) Provision Of Certain Furniture Required To Tech Equipment At 01 Brd P 67 Ard 13 Qad Building At 29 Ed Dcpo Complex Of 04 Brd And Other Furniture At Kanpur.

Reference No: 41327 Location: Uttar Pradesh
Estimate Amount: 3000000 Due Date: 04-Jan-2017

(5) Supply Of Furniture Item At Haldia.

Reference No: 41326 Location: West Bengal
Estimate Amount: Refer Document Due Date: 09-Jan-2017

(6) Tender For Execution Of Interior Works For Setting Up A Museum For Zoology And Botany Department In The Multi-Disciplinary Museum On Turnkey Basis At Malappuram.

Reference No: 41325 Location: Kerala
Estimate Amount: Refer Document Due Date: 30-Dec-2016

(7) Tender For Petty Repair, White Washing, Snocem And Painting Of PH NLD-2, NLD-3 And NLD-4 At Narnaul, Mahendragarh

Reference No: 41324 Location: Haryana
Estimate Amount: 166000 Due Date: 22-Dec-2016

(8) Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of Surveillance System (Cctv Camera) Wireless System At Jaipur.

Reference No: 41323 Location: Rajasthan
Estimate Amount: 935000 Due Date: 10-Jan-2017

(9) Constructing Paver Block Flooring To Goverdhneshwar Mandir At Nashik.

Reference No: 41322 Location: Maharashtra
Estimate Amount: 972800 Due Date: 30-Dec-2016

(10) Tender For Interior Renovation Of Room No 3 At Murshidabad.

Reference No: 41321 Location: West Bengal
Estimate Amount: 253528 Due Date: 23-Dec-2016

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